This documentation is for Macro Recorder v3 beta. Click here the for current production version 2 documentation.

Keyboard actions


Simulates a single key press.

Macro Recorder sends the virtual key code, scan code and extended key flag to the operating system. You can specify a separate key-down and key-up event to allow adding automation in between.

If you automate key presses in games, you may need to experiment with the key press simulation option in Macro Recorder playback settings.

To simulate a long key press that outputs the same letter over and over, use the key press action with key down(!) and use the Repeat action to repeat the key down event. After that, use the key press action with the option key up to release the key (video tutorial).

To simulate pressing a keyboard shortcut "hotkey", consider using the dedicated "hotkey" action.

For longer text (vs single key presses), consider using the Text input action.

Text output

Video tutorial

This action item combines multiple key press events to a single text input event for easier macro editing:

The "Humanize" option adds small random delays between individual characters.

To automate entering long phrases we strongly recommend to combine Macro Recorder with our Text Expander PhraseExpress.


Simulates pressing a hotkey combination (such as CTRL+ALT+ D).

After defining the hotkey combination, Macro Recorder compiles the shortcut into individual key down and up events in the macro script:

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Table of Contents