Scheduled playback

The Windows Task Scheduler can be used to execute macros saved by Macro Recorder.

Video tutorial

To create a new task in Task Scheduler:
  1. Save the macro as a Macro Recorder *.mrf file.
  2. Open Windows Task Scheduler.
  3. In Task Scheduler, click "Create basic task".
  4. Give the new task a meaningful name.
  5. Configure the execution schedule as needed.
  6. Select "Start a program".
  7. Enter the path to Macro Recorder executable (default: "C:\Program Files (x86)\MacroRecorder\MacroRecorder.exe").
  8. Under "Add arguments" enter the command-line parameter -play=c:/path/yourmacro.mrf (replace with the actual macro file path):

After completing the wizard with "Finish", Windows Task Scheduler will create a new task and execute the macro as configured.