Macro Recorder v2 beta

Get the latest technology before the public release today – We can't wait to hear your feedback!

New Features

  • Image detection
  • SmartClick
  • SmartRecord
  • Post-playback options Shut-down, Stand-by, Restart, Logout, Lock.
  • New action: Wait for file change (file creation/deletion/modification).
  • New action: Run program
  • New action: On-screen text recognition (OCR)
  • Windows resize/position restore is now optional in the focus action.
  • Relative mouse positioning.
  • Label search feature
  • New comments column in macro action list
  • Updated and rearranged user interface
  • Hotkey to playback macro from selected action.
  • Search & Replace feature
  • Undo/Redo
  • Support for 64 bit macOS
  • CSV file export
  • Parameter increment or randomize function.


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  Mac Beta

Beta software is provided “as is” and is not ready for use in production environment - Use at own risk!

The Beta version requires a license or license reminders are occasionally shown. Specifications and features may be subject to change until final release. Don't save production macro files with the beta version as those may become unreadable with earlier version or the final release of the new version as the file format may change until release.