Macro Recorder for Windows Changelog

For the Mac version, please visit the Macro Recorder for Mac changelog.

  • Significantly improved loading time if macro contains many labels.
  • Minimum delay reduced to 1msec.
  • Macro Recorder allows you to continue testing all features of all major editions even after purchasing a smaller product edition. You will then receive occasional license notices. You can now deactivate testing of functions not included in your edition.
  • Improved command-line parameter -close. It will now also allow you to close Macro Recorder by command-line parameter, even if no macro is running.
  • Update notifications are now separate for Mac vs Windows edition.
  • Solved random scroll issue in the macro actions section.

Major new version with many new features.

  • Improved PhraseExpress inter-operatibility (Windows only)
  • SSL support on Mac
  • Added notarization certificate on Mac version
  • 64-Bit version for macOS.
  • Support for Apple macOS 10.15 "Catalina".
  • Mouse movement playback issue in rare situations.
  • Removed "o" key combination used to run optimization.
  • Corrected optimization confirmation dialog.
  • Clipboard Copy, Cut & Paste commands in the context menu.
  • Keys can now be selected by pressing them.
  • Hotkey action now supports PrintScreen and Pause key.
  • Proxy server configuration
  • Simulated ESC keypress does not stop the macro anymore.
  • Macro files can be reloaded even if currently loaded.
  • Improved moving of actions in the macro editor.
  • Minimum wait time reduced to 5 msec.
  • License now tied to USB storage device if used in portable mode.

fixSome letters were blocked in the user interface.

newHotkeys do not require SHIFT, ALT, CTRL, WIN-keys.

newSupport for the Menu-key (the key right to the WIN-key on the right).

newMinor improvements.


new Major new version (new features).

Compatible with PhraseExpress v14 for Windows

Compatible with PhraseExpress v3 for Mac.