Maintenance Info

So much more than just updates.

With your purchase, you do not only obtain a license to use the software but additionally receive any update, upgrade and major new version within the maintenance term. This surpasses maintenance contracts, that only contain bug fixes/updates, but require a new license for major new versions.

Your benefits

  • Licenses are perpetual, do not expire and are valid life-time. It is no subscription and there is no recurring payment.
  • If a new version is released just shortly after your purchase, it is free for you and included in your maintenance at no extra cost.

Purchase license

Is your maintenance expired?

The license is life-time for any version you have been able to download during your maintenance term only.

  • The first four-digits of the license key represent the maintenance expiration month/year of your license (e.g. "0419" would mean April 2019).
  • You can continue to use the version, that you were able to download within your purchased maintenance term. Restore the old installer from your backup as instructed in the license delivery email and recommended in the download section. However, you won't get support or feature, security and maintenance software updates anymore which may be required if you upgrade your OS, for example.
  • You can renew maintenance for your license with discount to enjoy latest improvements and to maintain compatibility with your operating system.

To redeem discount for a single license renewal/upgrade, please enter the license key of your latest purchase:

To renew maintenance for multiple licenses, please send your license keys to receive a custom quote.