New features in Macro Recorder v2

Compatible with Windows and macOS

Macro Recorder is now also available for Apple Mac to automate Macs with ease.

Like the Windows versions of PhraseExpress and Macro Recorder, their Mac counterparts are now soul mates, too.

Jump Labels

Macro Recorder visualizes your recording as a list of individual actions which can now have custom labels. New "Goto" and "Loop" commands allow you to jump, loop and branch to any position in your macro script.

Pixel color detection

Improved Color Selection

Macro Recorder allows you to select colors or mouse coordinates without affecting the application while recording your actions. Macro Recorder creates a full desktop screenshot in the moment you press the sample hotkey. You can then pick the desired color without unwantedly triggering hover effects, etc.

Hotkey Press Simulation

Macro Recorder can now simulate a hotkey press without the need to record it.

Macro Recorder can simulate hotkeys
Macro Recorder can branch to specific parts of your script in case of time-outs.

New Time-Out Options

Macro Recorder can now branch to specific sections of your macro script after a time-out.

For example, if Macro Recorder waits for a program focus, but the program never shows up, Macro Recorder can call a macro script section to automate achieving the desired result.

Or create a sequence of multiple color pixel detection actions, each with a very short time-out value to branch to different sections depending on the non-detected color.

Command-line Parameter

Macro Recorder for Windows can now launch macros by command-line parameters. This allows you to control Macro Recorder from other applications, e.g. the Windows Task Scheduler to trigger macros at specific times.

Command-line parameters allow you to control Macro Recorder from other programs