Edit actions

Macro Recorder recordings consist of individual action steps in chronological order, that can be edited in the main program window.

To edit an action, double-click the action in the list, or click the action and press ENTER or click the "pencil" icon in the main menu.

Edit/move multiple actions simultaneously by selecting them with the mouse or by using a combination of CTRL and/or SHIFT modifier keys.

Drag & Drop or copy & paste actions in the list to change their position within the macro script.


If you click any mouse action, the actual mouse path or click position is optionally shown as an overlay on your desktop:

If you click a pixel color detection item, Macro Recorder shows the position of the pixel that is monitored for a color change.


You can define a text label for any action in your macro script:

Labels are used as jump marks for other actions.

For example, the action "Goto" can jump to any action defined by its label:

Each label must be unique

The labels "Start", "End" and "Next" are reserved by Macro Recorder.


You can enter a comment for each action in the column "comment". Comments serve no other purpose than describing the use of the action for you. You can enter any text.

Delete actions

To delete one or more actions from the actions list, highlight the items with mouse and press DEL on your keyboard or the delete button the toolbar menu: