This documentation is for Macro Recorder v3 beta. Click here the for current production version 2 documentation.

Trigger macros by hotkey

Macros can be triggered by hotkey or by autotext (text abbreviation) with the help of our productivity solution PhraseExpress:

Video tutorial

To launch macro by hotkey/autotext:
  1. Record or load a macro into Macro Recorder.
  2. Click Send to PhraseExpress in the Macro Recorder main menu:

  3. Give the macro a meaningful name.
  4. Organize the macro in PhraseExpress and assign a hotkey or autotext, that you wisht to use to trigger the macro.

Done. You now can trigger the macro by pressing the associated hotkey.

Combining Macro Recorder with PhraseExpress offers many additional benefits:
  • Organize your macro collection in a customizable tree structure.
  • Share macros in the network or in the cloud with other users.
  • Define access rights for specific users.
  • Daisy-chain macros or combine them with PhraseExpress macro functions to create advanced automation sequences.

A PhraseExpress Enterprise Edition purchase is required to do combine it with Macro Recorder Enterprise Edition. However, you can test everything with the free demo.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents