No more doing the same task twice

Macro Recorder automates your repetitive tasks

Macro Recorder
The perfect automation solution!
  • Record any action for infinite playback.
  • Simple to use - like a tape recorder.
  • Integrates with the Text Expander PhraseExpress.
  • Available for Windows and Apple macOS

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Record macro

Press Record. Perform the actions.

Macro Recorder captures your mouse moves, clicks and keyboard input.

Edit macro

Press Stop. Edit the macro.

The macro editor allows you to review your recording, edit actions, customize delays or keyboard input and add additional actions.

Playback macro

Press Play. Repeat the macro.

Macro Recorder repeats your macro recording, saving you from repetitive tasks. Adjust playback speed and smooth out edgy mouse movements as needed (great to create awesome screencasts).

Text Snippets Organizer

Universal Macro Recorder

Comprehensive, reliable automation for any software or business process. Improve efficiency & remove repetition.

  • Automate tedious tasks
  • Improve efficiency & reduce costs.
  • Perform software tests
  • Auto-fill forms.
  • Automate configuration steps.

What makes Macro Recorder so special?

The market is flooded with macro and mouse recording tools. We knew that.


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Macro Recorder Alternative

Smart Mouse Recorder

Smart algorithms can turn shaky mouse moves into nice curved or linear shapes. This is great for creating screencasts as it eliminates visual distractions.

Playback speed can be adjusted for individual or all mouse movements.

Mouse movements can be excluded from playback, so only the clicks are executed.

Macro Recorder Alternative

Incredibly Powerful Macro Editor

Other mouse recording software may throw a dump of countless mouse coordinates to you as you can see in the left screenshot. However, this approach makes it difficult to edit a macro as clicks and key presses are buried under all the mouse coordinate events.

Our Macro Recorder editor combines mouse moves between two clicks into one single mouse move action, that can be edited and re-arranged easily.

Macro Recorder

Maximum Performance

Macro Recorder does not repeat macros at the same static speed.

Instead, it can wait for a web browser to finish loading a page or allows a program to complete its task, independent of the current CPU or network load.

Macro Recorder auto-adapt to the actual time, the controlled programs needs to finish their job and then continues the automation.

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Network Support

Share Macros with the Team

If you combine Macro Recorder with our productivity solution "PhraseExpress", you get a professional automation suite:

  • Share macros with other users in the network.
  • Trigger macros by pressing a hotkey or entering a text shortcut.
  • Combine macros with additional text automation, provided by PhraseExpress.
  • Schedule automations in intervals or on a specific time/date.

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Windows and Mac compatibility

For Windows and Mac

Macro Recorder is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS with almost the identical functionality and look & feel.

"Automator" for Windows

Automator is a popular Apple Mac application to automate tasks on the Mac. Macro Recorder has a different, more "visual" approach and is available for Mac and Windows. Instead of programming an Automator task, Macro Recorder allows you to simply record your actions just like a video tape recorder. However, you can then also edit the individual actions, similar to "Automator".

Mouse Auto-Clicker

Macro Recorder can also be used to auto-click in intervals. But Macro Recorder can do so much more. It can react and branch to different actions, depending on what is going on on the screen.

Repeater for your Mac and Windows PC

Macro Recorder can record repetitive actions without having to learn and understand Automator or AppleScript. Macro Recorder is a tool specially designed for recording and playback user actions such as mouse movements and clicks, standard and hardware keystrokes, vertical and horizontal scrolling. Macro Recorder's UI resembles a video tape recorder with standard record, rewind and playback buttons, familiar to the most users. It also includes visual clues, which helps to navigate through the mouse recordings.

What is a Macro Recorder?

A Macro Recorder is a tool that records macros. A macro is a sequence of user actions, such as mouse moves, keystrokes, clicks etc. which can be replayed later. Macro recordings can be saved to a file for later use. It's like a bot that performs all the repetitive actions for you.

Macro Recorder has all the "must-have" features a solid macro program should have:

  • Mouse & keyboard capture
  • Variable playback speed
  • Macro-editor to adjust the macro recording.
  • Program windows change detection.
  • Looping & branching to different actions, based on time-outs or changes on the screen.

Software Test Automation

Software testing can be a tedious task if done by a human. Every button has to be clicked over and over again after every code change. Macro Recorder is a low-budget software test automation solution, that can do the clicks, mouse moves, text typing etc for you.

For example, it can recognizes text-boxes by pixel color changes in your software applications, simulate entering text into it, automatically click some buttons and then, by branching based on time-outs, focus changes or additional pixel color changes, it can proceed with additional tests or cancel the automation.


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