Windows only: The controlled program is running with administrative rights while Macro Recorder is running with normal user rights (background info).

Solution: Launch Macro Recorder with administrative rights as well.

if Macro Recorder doesn't work at all, shows the spinning rainbow wheel (busy indicator) or even crashes all the time, macOS security & privacy settings may block Macro Recorder.

Solution: Re-Add Macro Recorder in the macOS security settings as described in chapter "Installation".

Important: Apple seem to have decided that you must reconfirm these security settings after each Macro Recorder update. Unfortunately, it seems that there is nothing we can do about this inconvenience.

The macro code most likely begins with a focus change detection. However, directly after launching a PC, no program focus exist.

Solution: Click on the application that shall be remote controlled so that a Windows focus change takes place. Alternatively remove the focus change action from the macro script.

Please check the following if text is text inserted incompletely or with wrong characters:

  • Applications and web browser input forms may use Javascript to process your input which may interfere with the Macro Recorder text insertion. For example, Adobe Dreamweaver or software development software ("IDEs") can perform heavy text input processing.
  • If text output has scrambled letters or special characters in a browser (Microsoft Windows "Edge" or Google "Chrome"), then this is most likely due to "security" software ("antimalware" or "antivirus" programs that promise you security on the PC for money). Solution: Test whether deactivating any "security" functions restores compatibility. This may require a system restart after deactivation.

Macro Recorder always captures both, the mouse and keyboard. But you can filter either mouse or keyboard input from the playback, providing you with a choice of which part of the recording you need.

For example, Macro Recorder can even play only the mouse clicks, but omit the mouse movement paths or play the mouse movements faster or slower on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, the Macro Recorder Pro Edition for Windows support command-line parameters to load and start a macro.

If the macro file path contains, make sure to enclose the entire path with double-quotes.

Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\MacroRecorder\MacroRecorder.exe" -play="C:\folder\my macro file.mrf"

Macro Recorder allows you to automate your tasks but we kindly ask for your understanding that we are not able to assist you with individual and specific automation tasks.

We do not have your project environment, such as the controlled software, hardware, os configuration, etc.

The very low license price for Macro Recorder does not allow us to invest software engineer man hours to analyze and experiment individual projects which easily may require several hours.

Please allow a comparison for illustration: We sell a screwdriver and you can build a wonderful house with it. However, we can't assist you building the house or teaching you how to construct and build a house.

Here is our offer to you: We want your confidence first, not your money. Please try the demo version which allows you to try all features of the software, compatibility with your individual system configuration and fitness for the intended purpose without obligation before making a purchase decision.

The documentation explains how to use the software including many step-by-step video tutorials.

If you decide to purchase our software after your careful examination, it stays the same before and after licensing. You don't need to install anything different. You will receive a license key which removes the license reminders.

This is a known issue on macOS 10.13. "High Sierra" caused by components used by Macro Recorder. Official system requirement for Macro Recorder is macOS 10.14 (Mojave). We filed a bug fix to the provider and hope for a fix.

As a work around, please consider updating your Mac to the latest macOS version.

Macro Recorder automates the mouse pointer and keyboard. Since your computer has only one mouse pointer and can have only one single text input focus, only one macro can be executed at a time. Therefore, you can only run one Macro Recorder instance at a time.

Macro Recorder from a host computer cannot control applications in Remote Desktop windows (RDP), because Remote Desktop does not tunnel the automation from the host to the RDP session.

Solution: Run Macro Recorder within the RDP session.

No, since Macro Recorder controls a mouse and keyboard on the desktop, among other things, it requires a visible user session. It can also control only one session at a time.

Yes, as Macro Recorder controls a mouse and keyboard on the desktop, among other things, it requires a visible user session. It can also control only one session at a time.

Yes, this is no problem. Just let Macro Recorder loop through multiple "Find text" or "Find image" actions that branch to the desired macro sections and make sure to set the wait time to zero for each Find text/image action.

Video tutorial

A user reported certain Windows notifcations that seem to send a simulated mouse move or keypress, causing Macro Recorder to stop a current macro playback.

Work around: Disable the Macro Recorder playback options to stop playback on key press or mouse move in Macro Recorder settings.

The troubleshooting section of the documentation include information how to solve issues when automating games with Macro Recorder.