Macro Recorder can record your mouse and keyboard actions you are performing on your Windows or Mac computer.

You can then playback the recorded procedure as often as you want or save the recording into a file for later use.

It works as easy as a tape recorder: Record, Stop, Playback.

You can manage your recordings in customizable tree structure in our productivity solution PhraseExpress and trigger them by text shortcuts or hotkey. PhraseExpress also enables you to share your Macro Recorder recordings with other users in your network.

Macro Recorder is very easy to use in following two ways:

  1. You can use Macro Recorder like a tape recorder by pressing "Record" (or the associated hotkey). Then you would simply perform the procedure you wish to automate with Macro Recorder. Macro Recorder then captures your mouse clicks, mouse movements and keyboard input until you press "Stop". Macro Recorder presents the procedure as a list of individual actions which you can adjust or rearrange. You can then infinitely replay the recording with the "Play" button.
  2. Alternatively, you can compose a macro step-by-step by adding individual actions, like mouse clicks at defined positions or text input.

Macro Recorder is the successor of Mouse Recorder and has been re-engineered from ground up with a new range of functions.

Development of Mouse Recorder has been discontinued as Macro Recorder provides all its features and many more. Due to the further development from a pure mouse recording tool to an automation solution, a renaming was necessary.


Macro Recorder is based on the same user interface as Mouse Recorder and includes all its features, but adds many new functions, such as labels, goto, repeat, etc.

Compatibility with PhraseExpress
  • Mouse Recorder supports PhraseExpress up to version 13, but no later versions.
  • Macro Recorder is compatible with PhraseExpress v14 for Windows and PhraseExpress v3 for Mac.
Supported Operating Systems

Mouse Recorder supported Microsoft Windows only. Macro Recorder is also compatible with Apple macOS.

Macro Recorder tries to restore the window to a position and size, allowing the macro playback reaching all clicked items in that program. Macro Recorder even recognizes changed monitor dimensions between recording and playback of a macro automation.

Optical character recognition (OCR) is the electronic conversion of text written on the computer display into machine-encoded text.

Macro Recorder v2 cannot convert written text into machine readable text but it can detect images on the screen. This can be used to identify different text (which is just an image on the desktop) and branch to different sections of the macro script.


The detect image actions look like this:

Macro Recorder can be used as an mouse auto clicker with ease:

To perform auto clicks, simply add and configure a mouse click action.

You can specify the coordinate of the click on the desktop, the click option (left-/right or double-click).

If required, you can also configure Macro Recorder to click and keep clicking while performing additional tasks, such as keyboard input or mouse movements.

Macro Recorder does not include a built-in scheduler service but can utilize the "task-scheduler" built into Microsoft Windows in combination with our productivity solution PhraseExpress.

We believe, that you don't need another background program or service occupying extra memory and consuming CPU power while the Windows scheduler is running anyway. By using Windows scheduler, you have one central place to check out what is scheduled on your computer.

No, Macro Recorder does not have any "stealth mode" and is not designed to work as a spyware. You can recognize a recording by the Macro Recorder icon in the task/menu bar.

We carefully monitor the market but do not have any plan for a Linux version of our products at this time.

Macro Recorder records mouse or trackpad movements, clicks and keyboard input. However, Macro Recorder does not record the desktop content itself. For such task, you would need a screen capture software.