Macro Recorder v2 Documentation


Thank you for choosing Macro Recorder as your automation solution.

Macro Recorder for Windows and Mac records your mouse and keyboard actions for infinite playback.

  • Automate repetitive tasks on your computer.
  • Hand out recorded automations to your team.
  • Create streamlined presentations and screencasts.
  • Auto-fill complex forms.
  • Automate system maintenance tasks.
  • Auto-login to online accounts.
  • Auto-click websites or programs.
  • Software test automation.


  • Recording of mouse movements, mouse clicks and scroll-wheel actions.
  • Recording of keystrokes and text input.
  • Set program focus and its window position & -size.
  • Image and text detection (OCR) on the screen.
  • Pixel color detection to wait for specific program states, e.g. if a web page is loaded.
  • Built-in macro step editor.
  • Variable playback speed.

Special benefits

Macro Recorder offers a unique set of features:

  • Macro Recorder can smooth shaky mouse movements into swift curves.
  • Mouse coordinates and colors can be captured without affecting the recorded application.
  • Automated program window sizes & positions can be auto-restored/adjusted.
  • Mouse movement are not represented as a dump of X/Y coordinate but elegantly combined as a single action item for easier editing.
  • Mouse paths are visualized as a overlay on your desktop.

PhraseExpress integration

Macro Recorder can be integrated into our popular productivity solution PhraseExpress to get additional features:

  • Organize macro recordings in a custom folder structure.
  • Trigger macros by hotkey or text shortcuts.
  • Select & launch macros from a handy popup menu.
  • Schedule Macro Recorder macros with Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Combine Macro Recorder macros with powerful PhraseExpress macro functions.

The Macro Recorder export is available for PhraseExpress Enterprise Edition v15 for Windows and v3 for Mac.