This documentation is for Macro Recorder v3 beta. Click here the for current production version 2 documentation.


Macro Recorder integrates the external AI service OpenAI/ChatGPT for use with your automation projects:

You can enter any static text as an input or right-click in the input box to add one or multiple variables that contain text from a parameter list, the clipboard, OCR text, etc:

Example applications:
  • OCR-extract text from any part of a website and feed it to OpenAI to generate a blog article based on the extracted text.
  • Read OpenAI prompts from a text file line-by-line and let Macro Recorder insert the result wherever you want.
  • Enter a text and insert AI generated variations into programs as needed.

OpenAI is an independent paid online service. An API key is required to use OpenAI in Macro Recorder.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents