File locations (Windows)

In portable mode, all Macro Recorder related files are stored in the program directory on the portable storage device. No file is written onto the host PC.

In a regular computer installation, Macro Recorder stores files in following locations:

Program executablesProgram files required for operation.The Macro Recorder program directory varies depending on whether you installed it for yourself or for all users:

For yourself: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\MacroRecorder\tessdata\
For all users: %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\MacroRecorder\tessdata\
OCR language filesLanguage files required for the on-screen-text-recognition (OCR). Here you can add languages.Subfolder \tessdata\ of the program directory (see above)


Contains program settings. The file can be edited by experienced IT administrators.

User Application data folder: %APPDATA%\Macro Recorder\

If using Macro Recorder in combination with the productivity software "PhraseExpress", additional files will be temporarily stored in the temporary data folder "%TEMP%\PhraseExpressTemp\" to exchange the macro script and temporary variables. Those files will be deleted on program shutdown.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents