Search & Replace

Video tutorial

The Search & Replace feature allows you to change the parameters of all actions with a single key press.

It works similar to the similary named function in word processing software.

Table of parameters
  • Text: Text, characters, wait Text, OCR text, variable Name, text in the action "Paramter from List", message box text, notification text, calculation expression, exec macro pathWindow title: self-explanatory
  • Application/File: Focus, Run, WaitFile
  • Target label: also jump label if found
  • Timeout label: jump label if not found or timeout
  • Parameter: Run parameter, value on request
  • Delay/Timeout: Sleep delay, timeouts if not found
  • Target-X/Width: Target-X on mouse move, width on focus action
  • Target-Y/Height: Target-Y for mouse move, height for focus action
  • Value: Variable value, mouse wheel value
  • Counter: number of repetitions for key presses and mouse button presses

Table of Contents

Table of Contents