Keyboard Recorder

Macro recorder not only records & playback mouse actions but also keystrokes and text input.

Record keyboard input

Macro Recorder scans your keyboard input and saves it for inifinite playback with many options.

The keyboard input recorder analyze the nature of the input:

Hotkey are a combination of the SHIFT/CTRL/ALT/WIN key(s) with an additional letter and are recognized by Macro Recorder as such. They will be saved in the automation file as a hotkey and output in the same way when the macro is being executed.

If you enter regular text, Macro Recorder saves this as a text block in the automation file.

Macro Recorder can also be combined with our text template management solution PhraseExpress, that allows you to insert entire pages of text in between your automations.

Output speed

Macro Recorder can playback the recorded actions in the same speed as you performed them or speed up for faster repetitions or slow down, e.g. to create demonstration demos.