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We kindly ask for your understanding, that we are not able to support individual automation projects as we do not have your specific hardware and software setup. Customer service includes the correction of general, technical errors in the software. We do not provide programming consulting services.

Thank you for your understanding.

How may we assist you?

First Aid

Macro Recorder can utilize the "task-scheduler" built into Microsoft Windows in combination with our productivity solution PhraseExpress.

We believe, that you don't need another background program or service occupying extra memory and consuming CPU power while the Windows scheduler is running anyway. By using Windows scheduler, you have one central place to check out what is scheduled on your computer.

Macro Recorder allows you to automate your tasks but we kindly ask for your understanding that we are not able to assist you with individual and specific automation tasks.

We do not have your project environment, such as the controlled software, hardware, os configuration, etc.

The very low license price for Macro Recorder does not allow us to invest software engineer man hours to analyze and experiment individual projects which easily may require several hours.

Please allow a comparison for illustration: We sell a screwdriver and you can build a wonderful house with it. However, we can't assist you building the house or teaching you how to construct and build a house.

Here is our offer to you: We want your confidence first, not your money. Please try the demo version which allows you to try all features of the software, compatibility with your individual system configuration and fitness for the intended purpose without obligation before making a purchase decision.

The documentation explains how to use the software including many step-by-step video tutorials.

If you decide to purchase our software after your careful examination, it stays the same before and after licensing. You don't need to install anything different. You will receive a license key which removes the license reminders.

This is a known issue on macOS 10.13. "High Sierra" caused by components used by Macro Recorder. Official system requirement for Macro Recorder is macOS 10.14 (Mojave). We filed a bug fix to the provider and hope for a fix.

As a work around, please consider updating your Mac to the latest macOS version.

No, Macro Recorder does not have any "stealth mode" and is not designed to work as a spyware. You can recognize a recording by the Macro Recorder icon in the task/menu bar.

Yes, a license always includes maintenance for the selected maintenance term.

This ensures that you can always use the latest software. You cannot purchase a license without maintenance.

If maintenance is expired for your license, you can renew maintenance at discount.

The maintenance term starts with the month of license key delivery.

License keys are dynamically generated at the time of purchase. The end of maintenance is branded into the license key and can be read that out from the first set of 4-digits, e.g. "0421" means April, 2021.

Yes, this is no problem. Just let Macro Recorder loop through multiple "Find text" or "Find image" actions that branch to the desired macro sections and make sure to set the wait time to zero for each Find text/image action.

Video tutorial

Yes, we would be happy to coterm the maintenance term of your existing licenses with a new purchase.

You would purchasing new licenses together with a maintenance renewal of your existing licenses. Remaining maintenance of existing licenses are credited.

You will then receive a complete set of new license keys that have the same maintenance term.

You can also upgrade to a higher product edition at the same time.

What to do:

Please send us the list of your existing license keys, as well as the number and desired product variation (Standard, Pro, Enterprise Edition, NamedUser/ConcurrentUser).

  • Purchase of at least 10 new PhraseExpress Pro/Enterprise Edition licenses.
  • The edition of the new licenses must be at least the same as the edition of the existing licenses.
  • Existing licenses of varying product editions will be streamlined to a common product edition.
  • The maintenance period must exceed the maintenance period of the existing licenses.
  • Orders can only be placed directly, not in the online shop.

A user reported certain Windows notifcations that seem to send a simulated mouse move or keypress, causing Macro Recorder to stop a current macro playback.

Work around: Disable the Macro Recorder playback options to stop playback on key press or mouse move in Macro Recorder settings.